Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Death Urge and Sexual Fantasy

Years ago Derrick Jensen made it clear to me in his monumental book A Language Older Than Words that we have a death urge. What I'm understanding that to be is an urge to destroy life on this planet. Otherwise we wouldn't be driving a couple hundred species extinct a day by our actions.

This morning I was paging through my notes that I've written down from books I've read in the past and I ran across this:

"The majority of sexual fantasy and desire points to the erotic dynamic in life and not to actual sex."--Thomas Moore, Pg. 176, The Soul of Sex

Perhaps the less pleasurable and erotic our day to day lives become the more the porn industry grows. I don't know, it's just a thought. I like entertaining ideas.


Editor said...

This is Moore's contention. The less eros in day to day living, the heavier the burden on pornography to satisfy cravings for sensuality. If we expand our experience of the erotic, the less focused we'd be on sex to meet our needs, especially as we exercise the imagination. Promotion or just acceptance of pleasure, recreation, rest, leisure, nature, humour could contribute to a more sensual existence.

Curt said...


I appreciate you clearing some things up for me concerning Thomas Moore's work.

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Curt said...
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