Monday, May 07, 2012

A Full Day Ahead

Off to carry mail for the United States Postal service again today. Coaching in our second Little League baseball game afterwards. Hopefully our team does better this time around. Talking about baseball that reminds me: another reason why I sit zazen is because, I think, it helps me concentrate on the game better.

Looking forward to voting in the Wisconsin primary tomorrow. Just think, by this time next month Wisconsin could have a new governor.

Yesterday, a friend posted this excerpt out of Daniel Quinn's Providence:

"Kindler and rekindler of universes, the fire burns forever. It is the flame of life that courses through all generations from first to last, that burns without consuming, that is itself consumed and renewed inexhaustibly, life after life, generation after generation, species after species, galaxy after galaxy, universe after universe, each sharing in the blaze for its season and going down to death while the fire burns on undiminished. The fire is life itself, the life of this universe, of this galaxy, of this planet, of this place and every place: the place by the rock and the place under the hill and the place by the river and the place in the forest, no two alike anywhere. And the life of every place is god, who is the fire: the life of the pond, god; the life of the tundra, god; the life of the sea, god; the life of the land, god; the life of the earth, god; the life of the universe, god: in every place unique, as the life of every place is unique, and in every place burns the same, as the fire that burns is everywhere the fire of life." - Written by Daniel Quinn about 30 years ago, but not published until it appeared in 1994 at the end of his semi-autobiography Providence: The Story of a Fifty-Year Vision Quest.

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