Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From Tittilation to Toxicity in No Time

It's interesting how it all works. Yesterday I mention in a post that I'm right where I need to be. Less than 24 hours later I'm ready to move the hell out of here. Last night around midnight Annie and I are sitting on the couch in the living room feeling a bit romantic. We've shared a few drinks which is rare these days. The kids are sound asleep. The night has got a saltry feel to it. It's 82 degrees in the house. We can hear a pair of fans blowing cool air from outside the windows they've been temporarily placed into. All is going well until the smell of burnt plastic wafts through the air. The romantic feeling is instantly gone and reality hits: We're being poisoned by one of our neighbor's burning barrells to the east or west. Then reality hits again: There is no place to go to escape things like this. The nights over. We go to bed feeling helpless and wondering how this is going to effect our kids.

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