Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Moralistic Fallacy

Kathleen Raine talking about William Blake's view on right and wrong:
"Satans first step is to invent a moral code based upon the false belief that individuals can of themselves be good or evil. This is in direct contradiction to the real nature of things, by which proprium is merely the recipient of the divine influx. The morally 'good' specter is as satanic in every way as the morally 'evil,' since what is alike in both is their negation of the Imagination."Pg. 178, Re-Visioning Psychology
Daniel Quinn helping us pull back and look at right and wrong from a different perspective:
"For example, it's received wisdom that everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. We imagine that this knowledge arises from the structure of the human mind itself. In fact, we use this as a measure of sanity in our courts. And by this measure, I would be considered insane."--Pg.69, If The Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways

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