Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seeing Through My Practice

"I remember a student of religion telling me about his T.M., his meditation. Somebody in the seminar said, 'What about the political world?' He said, 'That doesn't matter. Computers can run the political world, the whole country, much more efficiently, and that frees us to pursue enlightenment with meditation.' Do you see the complete harmony between central dictatorship, fascism, political callousness, and the self-centeredness of the spiritual point of view? It opened my eyes: I saw the present cults of meditation not so gentle, no so harmless as they like to be, but a vicious bunch of totalitarians. They can't see the individual--which you see only if you look for soul, look with soul. They can't see an individual person, let alone an individual thing."--James Hillman, pg.187, A Blue Fire

I'm going to go after Hillman's definition of soul next. I remember in one of Brad Warner's podcasts he talked about in Buddhist philosophy there is no such thing as a soul. So if I'm understanding it right the soul is a Western idea.

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