Friday, November 02, 2012

I'm coming to realize that James Hillman's work falls under the same tree as Daniel Quinn's work. Thats why I think quotes like this nourish my soul: "Myths that shape human lives become in humanism instruments which the mind invents to explain itself to itself. The inherent otherness of myth in an imaginal other realm, the creative spontaneity of these stories and the fact that they are tales of Gods and their doings with humans--all become something a man makes up. We lose the experience of their primary reality and of ourselves as passing through them, of being lived by them, and that 'myths communicate with each other through men without their being aware of this fact.' As the perceptive philosopher Charles Hartshorne has noted, the rise of humanism correlates with 'the downfall of primitive animism, which is the mythological form of man's fellowhip with nature.'"[Pg.190, Re-Visioning Psychology]

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