Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Importance of Psychology

Still reading and copying down some important quotes (Atleast to me anyway) out of James Hillman's Blue Fire.

"...the soul wants to learn psychology, wants thoughtful formulations of itself, and that this is a mode of its healing."-- James Hillman, Pg. 84, A Blue Fire

Now I have a better understanding of why I like to read psychology. It isn't a part of me that just wants to be and sound smart.

"Imagination and its development is perhaps a religious problem, because imagination becomes real only through belief. As theology tells us, belief is an act of faith, or its faith itself as a primary investment of energy in something which makes that something real."-- James Hillman, Pg.84, A Blue Fire

We have faith in our industrial civilization.

"Attention is the cardinal psychological virtue. On it depen perhaps the toehr cardinal virtues, for there can hardly be faith nor hope nor love for anything unless it first recieves attention."-- James Hillman, Pg. 85, A Blue Fire

Krishnamurti and Paul Rezendes would agree.

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