Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quinn Quote Saturday

"Homo magister [Man the ruler of the world] was ultimately forced to overcome his repugnance to the idea that the earth is not the astronomical center of the universe. To get on with his mastery of the world, he was forced to deal with this repellent idea, forced to build a totally new astronomy based on it. If he hadn't, he would have made a fool of himself on the way to the moon.
"But he has not yet been forced to deal meaningfully with the fact that HIS story, the story of man ruler of the world, represents only a half of one percent of the whole story of man.
"He hasn't built a totally new understanding of the story based on that fact. He doesn't want to.
"But if he doesn't, he's going to make an even worse fool of himself than just getting lost on the way to the moon.
"He's going to become extinct.[Daniel Quinn, Pg. 16, The Book of the Damned]

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