Friday, September 27, 2013

Winter Is Just Around the Corner

Yesterday I wrote about my 3yr. old son's ability to repeatedly cover himself in the clay-like substance of our gravel pile as being the primary motivating factor for us to get it moved and spread in our pole buildings. Well, that's sort of true. The northern Wisconsin winter is on it's way, and the priorities shift from outdoor projects to just keeping warm. In other words it's a different kind of struggle. My uncle used to have his own way of expressing this as he was getting a fire started in the woodstove to warm the house, "It's time to fight fires."

We ended up moving and spreading 80 wheelbarrow loads yesterday. That's probably about half of it. The dump truck driver brought in another 10 yard load yesterday to fill out the other load and to give us enough to fill a few potholes in our driveway. It looks like we're going to be busy shoveling gravel for another day or two.

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