Friday, September 20, 2013

Limits on Ammo

The other day my two sons (14 and 3 yrs. old) and I were at the store looking at shotgun shells. We were trying to determine what size of shell to use for shooting ruffed grouse. We weren't standing there but only a few minutes and a casually dressed man who looked to be in his seventies smiled at my 3 year old son and said, "Someday you'll be shooting those." My son turned his head and buried into my leg so he could get a view of the man out of the corner of his eye. I smiled at the man acknowledging his presense. Silence followed. We all went back to looking at the shelves full of shells and bullets. A minute or two passed by and out of the silence the old guy motioned toward a sign that was on display in front of us and grumbled, " This current President and his administration are why we have limits on buying ammunition." Tension followed. I said something intelligent like, "yeah." Less then a minute later he turned to walk away. And as he did he made sure to proudly smile at us as he walked by.

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