Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Where Is Marx When You Need Him?

I just found out from my Dad that The Postal Service will be stopping Saturday delivery. My wife and I will probably be working less as a result, so we'll be making less money. It bothers me. But what bothers on a deeper level is that the labor force will once again be losing good paying union jobs that pay a livable wage. THAT'S what saddens me. It's just another blow to the person who gets up in the morning and labors for a wage.

Where is Karl Marx when we need him?

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airth10 said...

There is something wrong with your argument, that high paying jobs should be saved even though they aren't warranted. And how could Karl Marx make things better?

Karl Marx would probably save your job and others like it but to the detriment of all. This is why the Soviet Union collapsed, because unnecessary jobs were constantly saved. Thus the whole communist economic system became unproductive and lazy, eventually atrophying and collapsing.

The ending of unproductive jobs may not be the fairest thing to do. But it is one of those things that has help keep America dynamic and vital.