Friday, February 08, 2013

Good Bye Post Office

I'm still thinking about the post office. My family is patterning itself around it through Saturday. My wife is working a three day stint. So I wrote this in my journal this morning:

Perhaps I should try to look at the post office going away through the eyes of an old indian hunter. Their families patterned their lives around the game they were hunting at the time. My family patterns itself around the post office when my wife or I are asked to work. In both cases we're doing something that eventually leads to putting food on the table. Besides the obvious cultural diifferences there could possibly be a similarity: We're both watching the demise of what helps keep our families fed, sheltered, and clothed. The Sioux hunter watched the buffalo go. I'm watching the post office go. In the Sioux's case no one stopped it. In my case no one is going to stop it. We're both colonized. They had it done to them and we've done it to ourselves. Civilization will eventually eat itself.

On a different note. A few people have emailed me and I haven't gotten back to them. I promise I will, it just might take a few days.

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