Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Time Alone

I spent my time alone* this morning watching Billy Ripken explain infielding basics on my Teaching Baseball The Ripken Way CD ROM. Like I said yesterday, I usually spend this time reading, writing and thinking. Perhaps I should call this time soulwork (The poet Robert Bly calls it tending the garden). I don't know. I do know that learning infielding basics doesn't feel like it should fall under the soulwork category. But I'm learning the hard way that if I want to focus on anything without a cluttered mind my time alone is the time to do it.

*I try to get out of bed a few hours before anyone else awakens in my house.


Josh Fecteau said...

I find my soulwork time is often in the evenings, though I do enjoy waking early for a walk outside.

Start the day with bird song and a dose of fresh air. End the day with reading, contemplation, and journaling.


Curt said...

Hi Josh,

Thank you for sharing.

take care,