Thursday, February 02, 2012

Struggle Within

Lately, while watching the fire in the morning, I've been pulling books off the shelf that have influenced me. I'll read some of it and usually grab a pencil and write out some passages longhand that move me. It's good writing practice. Here is one of the passages I copied:

"Why has the interior judge become so brutal and terroristic? We can say that advertising from a child's earliest years has so influenced the greedy, desirous part of the child's soul that the resisting force, the judge, has to enlarge itself in order to combat the inflamed wanting. The interior judge, moreover, can no longer rely on outward authority in it's battle against impulse. Having to resist without help from the parent or teachers, it has to do it all alone, and so it naturally moves toward primitive, humorless savagery, well expressed in grunge rock, action movies and piercing of body parts."[Robert Bly, Pg.xii, The Sibling Society]

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