Thursday, January 26, 2012

Twenty Years Since

This coming Ocotber it will be 20 year since I move from southern Wisconsin to northwestern Wisconsin. Why? Well, the plan was to live with my grandparents and save up some money for tech school. My grandpa was a logger and owned logging machinery. So, I lived with them and logged for about 6 years, never went to tech school, and was fortunate enough to save up some money. But looking back I think that was only part of the reason I moved up north, because before I moved up I also made it clear to myself that I wanted to become a man in the process.

This morning, while watching the fire in the masonry stove burn down, it occured to me that since I was reading Robert Bly's "Iron John" close to 20 years after my explicit desire to become a man that I obviously still have work to do. But, I wonder, if there is ever a final threshold that has to be crossed in this quest to become a man? We'll see, I guess. Onward.

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