Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mow the Roof?

Yesterday a reader wrote and asked for a cordwood update (For those of you who don't know my family and I built a cordwood house a few years back). Over the years I have considered writing up an essay, or perhaps even a book, about our cordwood building experience. Right now, given how busy I am with the life's demands, I'm going to stick to with the occasional small post on this blog. I have a small window of time to write in the morning, and that's usually a couple of hours before the sun comes up. Perhaps some day I will have more time to sit down and put together some thing more significant.

The question we are most often asked about our cordwood house is: Do you put goats up there to mow your roof? First, all parties involved chuckle, then one of us goes on to answer no. I can only imagine what sort of catastrophe would materialize with such an endeavor. My biggest fear would be a goat falling off the edge of our house and hanging itself. Or every time the goat stepped out to the edge to take a bite of grass we'd lose some of our roof.

I think mowing it would defeat the purpose. The longer grass helps keep the dirt moist. And plus I really don't like to mow grass


Parge said...
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Parge said...

I think your fears are unfounded:


... at least the part of them falling off. Goats love to be in precarious places.

Curt said...

Thank you for the link, Parge.

Parge said...

When I look at that link, I realize that they don't have a lot of pix of the goats on the roof. It's a bit of a tourist destination though, so if you google "Coombs goats" or something like that, you'll find thousands of images.