Monday, May 16, 2011

The Gods

"In fact, the real gods of the world--if there are any--are competent gods. They created a world that functions perfectly, without divine oversight or intervention. If we don't curb our population growth, the built-in processes of the world will take care of it. If we continue to attack them as vigorously as we are right now, the ecological systems that keep us alive will eventually collapse, leaving a world that won't sustain human life at all. We'll be gone--probably along with most or all large forms of animal life--but life will go on and start rebuilding anew, just as it's done after every mass extinction of the past." (Pg.61, If They Give You Lined Paper Write Sideways)

I like how Daniel Quinn says "if there are any." It reminds me of this snippet by Edward Abbey:

"And yes, I do distrust mysticism. I regard it as too easy a way out. Whenever I find myself sliding into mysticism in my writing—I never do it in my feeling and seeing—I know that my mind is relaxing, taking the easy way around a hard pitch of thought. Just as those who casually throw in the word “God” think that they are answering questions which may very well have no answer. Not all questions can be answered. I think that Carl Sagan is a bit naive in his scientific optimism, just as those who call themselves mystics are naive in identifying their personal inner visions with universal reality." (Unpublished Letters)

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EL_CAPITAN said...

This is a great couple of quotes - the Abbey one more so than the Quinn one, to my mind (in this case).

It's good that you're talking about the problems of Civilization: a real movement to create such an enormous change for humanity will need consciousness among the population, for activists' support/refuge from reprisal, for justification to the unaware general population, and for sympathetic juries.