Monday, January 19, 2015

Under a Government?

This morning my teenage son and I started out with a question. Do we still imagine ourselves as living under a government? I know that we used to live under a King. He was granted authority to rule from the divine. And our Revolutionary War of Independence was fought to get rid of this idea. And now our government receives its authority to govern not from the divine but from us, the sovereign. But do we still imagine ourselves living under it like we once did under the King? I want to say it doesn't seem that way anymore. The tyrant is no longer the King or The Government but the ideas of the mind perhaps. Perhaps a good move for us is to get clear who the real tyrant is.

I don't know, just rambling. Feel free to add thoughts.


airth10 said...

It sounds like you feel the Government is in your lives too much, like they are interfering and telling you what to do. Are you feeling resentful towards it for something? Or is that the Government is not listening to you.

Curt said...

I think Government would do well to serve the interests of We The People instead of those corporations.