Monday, April 28, 2014

My Compass Points to Colorado

This morning I put 45 minutes into the Community Rights effort. It was basically 45 minutes full of grief and despair. When you see it pointed out to you again and again how corporations have rigged the system to the point where most people in the country feel powerless to the point of self-destruction, and most methods of activism surrounding you is the one-corporate-harm-at-a-time type, grief and despair are just part of the program. Or to say it another way, it's all part of the decolonization process. I'm not complaining here or need support of any kind, that's not the intent of me writing this. It's an attempt at a description of what I consider to be an important and essential part of my life.

My compass points to the courageous folks in Colorado working toward an amendment to their state Constitution giving local communities the right to govern themselves. I want to see a Wisconsin Community Rights network some day.


livelihood pliant said...

Hello. I found your blog when I searched on unschooling and Community Rights. I see that we are neighbors - I am in St. Paul MN. I attended a workshop of Paul Cienfuegos last summer and am always on the lookout for like-minded peeps. I am also a lapsed public school teacher with a passion for unschooling. I wonder if there is a natural overlap between those two communities and a natural pathway to getting unschooled kids and their parents involved in Community Rights. THanks for your time.

Curt said...

Thank you for your comment.I'm glad we found each other.Yes,I think there is an overlap between the two communities. I see myself searching for a different story to be in. The communities are simply expressions of it. Please feel free to email me to carry on this conversation.

livelihood pliant said...

Thank you for your quick response! Wanting to be in a different story--that sounds like Charles Eisenstein lingo--are you a fan of his as well? I like your reading list in your Blogger profile--I resonate with Daniel Quinn, John Taylor Gatto, haven't read any of Derrick Jensen's work but I've watched video of him interviewing Thomas Linzey. Cruious to knwo where you are in Wisconsin and if you know about a CR gathering in Viroqua in April. My email is deb (dot) schanilec at gmail (dot) com.