Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Holy In The Ground

I received this book in the mail yesterday. When a new book lands in my hands I usually open the book up and start reading a few lines or just page through it. Here are the first lines that I ran across after opening it:

"Civilization could probably be defined as humans with lapsed memories who live forgetting that people in the long run are not in charge, nor are they truly ever going to be. Whereas the Indigenous mind does not give the direction of the world to the 'will' of God, but to the desire of the Holy in the ground to continually unfold as nature."--Martin Prechtel

Good stuff.


Josh Fecteau said...

Curt, You are in for a treat. I'm currently reading it aloud with my girlfriend. We are on page 341. Prechtel's books plant powerful seeds.

--Josh (

Curt said...

Thank you for sharing, Josh. Prechtel's book was sent to me by someone on the Deep Green Resistance page on Facebook. They didn't charge me a dime. I offered to pay the person at least for the postage and they refused. They just wanted to see the book circulated. So, if anyone reading this wants me to pass it onto them after I'm done with it I'd be happy to mail it to you and pay the postage.