Friday, January 11, 2013

The Begnning of Why This War Has Two Sides

I woke up this morning ready to listen to my James Hillman podcast about war. Why? Because for years now I've wanted to understand why Derrick Jensen titled one of his published works Now This War Has Two Sides. Why he decided to call this a war. But I'm not going to have time to this morning. I was sidetracked by a blog post that Thomas Moore recently published. In it there is what I think reveals part of the answer to my question.

"Another archetypal psychologist Rafael Lopez-Pedraza, who taught me with raised voice to honor the dark, says that we therapists have to enter the rhetoric of the archetype. If we are in a mess, or our client or friend or spouse is in one, it is best not to go somewhere else for comfort, to offer sweet promises of better times or moral persuasion to shape up or pseudo-religious pieties about it all having a purpose. No, the thing to do is to enter the mess and speak for it and use its language."

Part of what I think Derrick has done is entered the mess of the phenomenon of industrial civilization and is speaking to us in its languauge.

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