Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quinn Quote Saturday

"For some men--perhaps all men--it's almost a necessity to do insane things from time to time: to confront the wild boar alone, spear in hand, to see the world from the top of an unscalable mountain, to risk one's entire fortune on the turn of a card. I thinks it's true of all men, personally, though nowadays most try to get along on risks taken my deputies--deputies in the boxing ring and on the football field."

"You mean...they have to test their manhood."

"Oh, it's not as simple as that, Mrs. Kennesey. When a man sets out to do something like this, he's not testing his manhood. He's testing the universe itself--he's testing the gods, if you will. He's finding out where he stands in the order of things. To best the rabbit or the deer means nothing, tells him nothing. But while he stalks the boar, he puts his fate to the test: he lives in the hands of the gods."

"I don't understand."

"To die falling off a ladder or being run over by a drunk means nothing, But for the man who lives and dies at risk, who puts his fate in the hands of the gods, death is never meaningless."--Daniel Quinn, Pg. 161, The Holy

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