Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Life After Ishmael Reflection

A life after Ishmael reflection. I ran across this quote while reading Re-Visioning Pschology early this morning.
"Ideas remain impractical when we have not grasped or been grasped by them. When we do not get an idea, we ask 'how' to put it in practice, thereby trying to turn insights of the soul into actions of the ego. But when an insight or idea has sunk in, practice invisibly changes. The idea has opened the eye of the soul. By seeing differently, we do differently. Then 'how' is implicitly taken care of. 'How?' disappears as the idea sinks in--as one reflects upon it rather than on how to do something with it. This movement of grasping ideas is vertical or inward rather than horizontal or outward into the realm of doing something. The only legitimate 'How?' in regard to these psychological insights is: 'How can I grasp an idea?'" Pg.122, Re-Visioning Psychology
This quote resonated with me because there are times when I get confused when trying to understand action and ideas. I often ask myself: Is my thirst for ideas an excuse not to act? Or to put it another way if I acted more would I be so interested in ideas? [Paragraph break. I have no idea why the paragraphs will not publish with a space. When I get some time I'll figure it out]Here is another idea that I got from Quinn's work: The primary function of schooling is to keep kids off from the job market. That's one of the reasons why we don't send our 13 yr. old son to school. He also tried to go to school when he was young and did not like it, and he doesn't have any interest in going back.


Unknown said...

This is exactly correct. I have created a number of things. Programs in universities, unusual schools, work in my fields. The real work is clearing the way for the inner perception to see what needs to be done and then to keep that clear. There is a distinct sense that it is being done through you, not by you, when you work like this. The result is deeply creative, something new in the world, not seen before. Hearing the "signs", as Socrates called them, and clearing the way for what needed to come through, is the way to act for the right thing to be done.

Curt said...

Thank you for the comment, Unknown.