Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stories and Calvin Luther Martin

In going through my notebooks I found these two quotes about story:

"....[The story]had a spirit, yua: the story itself was a living thing."-- Pg.2

"....the story may be thinking you rather than you thinking it."--Pg.3

Both of those quotes are out of Martin's book The Way of the Human Being.


Filip T. said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Ever since I was a little boy, I felt this was true. I still feel that way. Stories are alive, have a soul and tell themselves *through* us.

Filip T. said...

The book looks awesome. I will have to add it to my booklist. Thank you.

gestalt said...
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gestalt said...

Hey bub I started keeping a notebook too. Especially as I and others think through Peak Oil scenarios and what type of insurance to take out, just in case. Been having a lot of conversations about this online (sorry for losing touch as I try to get out of debt)

"The world’s longest and stupidest shaggy dog story."

"Western philosophy and scientific philosophy is sociopathological, it finds logic through the power of command."

Yeah. It's definitely about Anarcho-Primitivism v. Cornucopian, perspectives.

You ever had a 'fully-domesticated' aka hitherto knew nothing other than eating from the bowl-cat go wild? You know that void, foggy look in the eyes when the cat comes back to the house after spending a Winter or two solo? Feral. Like Krakauer or a permanent trip into the bush. Perhaps, even, nearly incapable of abstract thought.

I use this example because it is easy but it also gets into a deeper part of our evolution, the advent of socialized 'garden-variety' psychopathy that moves through the legal systems and corporate structures and rewilding of Civilization. Cats and their mice.

Do you think that rewilding (anarchoprimitivism) gets a bad name because modern media portrays it as dangerous territory in which personality disorders thrive?

Is being 'feral' in rewilding just itself a form of ultra rational behavior we've termed a disorder in Western medicine?

Does group leadership in a survival situation necessitate loss of egalitarianism?

Curious what you think about these things. It seems important to talk about the rugged individualism (scout) v. tribal social contract trap... I read somewhere that "All libertarian politics/platforming comes down to one thing: 'I got mine, fuck you.'" Somehow that rings very very true...

All the best-

Curt said...

Hi Filip,

I don't think you will be dissapointed with "The Way of the Human Being".

If you come across a quote or story in the book talking about the difference in how indian people (by eating other species) participate in nature compared to how we (viewing, photographing, standing outside it)do, I'd really appreciate it if you let me know what page it is on.

Curt said...

Hi Jake,

I wish I had the time and expertise to answer your questions, but I just dont have either of them right now. I do think some of you answers can be answered over at Ran Prieur's ( I hope this helps you out.

Good luck!

Jeff said...

You might be interested in knowing that Calvin Luther Martin has a new book: The Great Forgetting.

If you liked his previous work, then you'll like this one, too.