Monday, November 23, 2009

An Article Worth The Read

If you have read Ishmael you will see what I'm talking about. Below a quote from the article:

"The trees, the animals, the rivers cannot cry out from their appointed courses, nor the oceans from their beds that, "Hey, we are not your resources. We are the only god damned shot you have at survival!"

I never expect to see politicians tell the people: "Quit buying. Quit using all that electrical stuff. Quit traveling all over the world. Quit driving. Just eat, be happy you are breathing and work to grow your mind and soul and let's see if we can come to understand this ruined world around us and how to heal it -- or at least do less damage. Let us change our entire idea about what constitutes governance, and work and happiness."

Neither do I, Joe


Rebecca Rapple said...

Love the quote -- can you link to the article?

Curt said...

I'm glad you like it. And, yes I can link up to Joe's article. I've been meaning to link up to it since I posted. It's deer hunting season in Wisconsin, so I've been busy with that.

Take care!

Curt said...


I forgot to mention to find Joe's article just click on the word article in the original post.

Rebecca Rapple said...