Monday, February 26, 2007

WildeRix: Another Changed Mind

I just ran across this new Quinn inspired blog.

From WildeRix: Several years ago, while waiting tables in New York City, a friend turned me on to the writings of Daniel Quinn. If you have ever read any of his works, I’m sure you’ll understand when I say that it completely changed my life. That is no hyperbole. From that point on, I had to rethink everything. I began to realize that everything in the world comes from the earth and that all life comes from the sun. It reshaped not only my view on civilization, but it made me rethink my faith as well.

Ever since reading Ishmael I have always found hope in reading stories like these. It's just one more person who sees the culture for what it is, a prison. I just wonder how many people are out there with changed minds that we don't read about.


Rix said...

Thanks for finding me, Curt.

Curt said...

Your welcome.

I found your blog to be interesting and thought inspiring.