Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What kind is it?

This morning, I was out messing around in my study area (The study area is a circle with the diameter of 200 paces in your backyard that you get to know intimately through awareness and observation exercises. Getting to know this area really well is the backbone of the Kamana program.) and found this skull.

Does anyone want to take a stab at it and guess what it is?

And lastly, I recieved this petition about global warming in my email. I thought some of would be interested in checking it out.

Subject: Help Al Gore Send a Message to Congress


Al Gore is ready to build on the success of "An Inconvenient Truth" and start organizing to solve the climate crisis. He's working to get hundreds of thousands of messages to Congress demanding real action to stop global warming. And he's asking for our help.

Can you help out by signing the petition at the link below? If you do, Al Gore will personally deliver our comments to Congress. I just did it myself and it only takes a second.



Josh said...

Great find! I'm guessing white-tailed deer. Hope all is well.


tom said...

yeah looks like a deer skull to me too

Curt said...

Tom and Josh,

Yeah, it's the skull to a white-tailed doe I shot two deer seasons ago. It's absolutely amazing how things change over time.