Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I voted yesterday. I wasn't going to, but it is a nasty habit I just can't seem to break. I voted a straight Green ticket even though I want less government in my life. The Green Party candidates were the only ones in my area that even mentioned Peak Oil.

Here is a quote from over at IshCon by treemeat that sums up why I voted.

I always participate in the electoral process even though I'm anti-government and I know we don't live in functioning democracies to begin with. I vote for the Green Party as a protest vote and every federal election the party gets more votes and attention and this causes the major parties to start adjusting their policies to attract our votes to form a majority government. It's a fucking slow strategy but it's not like voting takes up a lot of energy and I figure it's better to interact with this broken system in the little way that I can.

Ran Prieur imagines "what would happen if everybody, instead of voting, planted a single food-bearing tree."

Personally, I think the world would be a better place.


treemeat said...
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treemeat said...

well i guess this would be a good time to stop just lurking?

Curt said...


You wrote: "well i guess this would be a good time to stop just lurking?"

LoL...I suppose so.